Introduction to The voice of a new generation

10 november 2015

There is an urgent need for educations to promote a sustainable mindset, identify future challenges and develop sustainable strategies. Students need to be empowered to become change agents for a more sustainable future.

By Helene Jeune and Tina Hjort

The intention of this e-publication is to put sustainability higher on the educational agenda. It is to document the teaching processes that was kicked of at the Youth Fashion Summit 2012 & 2014 as well as at teaching modules at KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology at the Top-up bachelor Design & Business. This experience and teaching material have been developed further and compiled into a toolbox available and free to use.

The overall idea is about creating sustainable visions for the next generation. It is to help designers, purchasers, communicators and other actors in the fashion industry to define and find solutions for the challenges the fashion industry faces not only today but in the future.

So how do we promote well-informed and reflective students, whose passion and empowerment fuel them to become future agents of change?

The idea behind the toolbox is to give teachers at both Design and Business schools inspiration for teaching and integrating sustainability into the curriculum at their institutes. A wide range of sustainable teaching approaches such as future thinking, critical thinking, problem-based learning approaches and design thinking are included in the development of the material. The toolbox consist of a range of theme cards and process cards that integrate the above elements.

The toolbox is continuously being developed with new materials being added and improvements being made.

Toolbox E-book
The Voice of a New Generation, (E-book)





Designeren har indflydelse! Faktisk bestemmes op til 80 procent af et produkts impact på miljøet i designfasen og designvalg og forretningsstrategier har stor betydning for dem, der laver tøjet. Det skal være nemt at finde viden om bæredygtige designmetoder.

En grundsten i design og mode er nytænkning og innovation. Men måden hvorpå vores tøj bliver produceret har ikke fulgt med behovet for bæredygtighed eller den viden, der hele tiden udvikles. Det laves stadig som for mange år siden. Og på trods af at udviklingen ikke når ind i produktionsleddet, skal det alligevel være billigere og billigere og laves hurtigere og hurtigere.

Det handler om liv og det handler om vores fremtid. Der er mange måder at arbejde bæredygtigt på og der er ikke én måde, som er den absolut rigtige. Designere er dygtige til at ideudvikle, eksperimentere og researche og det behøver ikke være en begrænsning at arbejde med bæredygtighed.

Designere er problemknusere -

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